Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nine Month Checkup

Weight: 22lb (75-90%)
Height: 29" (90%)
Head: 18" (50-75%)
Teeth: 1

  • All things baby movement. Can crawl at lightning speed, and cruises almost obsessively during every waking moment.
  • Food! The tone changed almost overnight, from cautious foodplay to a power devourer of all things solid. Noodles, puffs, avocado, meat. Anything, and with volumes increasing dramatically by the day.
  • Intention; Archer knows what he wants and clearly shows the pathing required to reach it. His current obsessions include any of my canned drinks, and getting into the hall bathroom. For the latter, he'll cross the entire house, over any obstacle, the second he suspects that door is open.

  • Some vocalizations. Some very clear Mamamas, and even a few Daaaas.
  • Standing.

It's hard to believe where we are at nine months! We're always surprised at his pace of development, though looking back at Elora's blog, he is following her developmental schedule surprisingly close. Knowing what to expect makes the milestones feel like they're flying by, while with Elora we counted down each day.

The one difference is that he continues to be huge, already bigger than Elora at 12mo, and fitting comfortably in 18mo clothes. Also, he's starting to show teeth, something that Elora was fairly late with (no matter how many things we blamed on teething). Sadly, the sleep regression continues, exacerbated by teething problems and a few changes in routine. The last couple of months have been challenging, with many wakings per night, and very little ability to self-soothe.

Happy baby can move.

Happy baby can eat.

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