Saturday, January 31, 2015

Six Month Checkup

Weight: 19 lb 8.5 oz (75-90%)
Height: 28" (75-90%)
Head: 17.4" (75-90%)

  • Grabbing, holding, and tasting. If he can reach it, he'll grab it. And pull it with great strength towards his mouth.
  • Rolling and maneuvering in seal position. He can reposition effortlessly from front to back, and spends most of his time braced up on his arms. He can maneuver around through pushing with his arms; mostly backwards, but can intentionally rotate to reach an intended destination.
  • Rocking, the classic crawling precursor. He can get up on his knees and rock back and forth with no help (and he'd complain if you tried to).
  • Food. He hasn't embraced solids with the gusto that Elora did, but has shown a strong interest in purees.
  • Sleep. As he has become more active, he's become harder to settle and will wake multiple times most nights.

The monster immunization cycle - an oral and 3 needles. We spared him a fourth needle (and a booster in a month) by skipping the flu shot. Normally we'd never skip a vaccination, except that this year's flu shot has been shown to be highly ineffective, and it's already halfway through the season. He took it like a champ and slept it off over most of the afternoon.

Archer continues to be a giant and is about to height out of the infant carseat, which supports up to 30". Though it can support up to 30lb, would YOU want to carry a 30lb baby plus 9lb of carseat around?

The other big story is his mobility, which has opened a world of adventure for him. He can move all about the living room now at often surprising speeds. This has also exposed him to the wide world of toys - he can now genuinely play with something beyond just attempting to eat it. Favorites include the piano toys and a honking ball.