Monday, September 5, 2016

Two Year Checkup

Height: 2' 10.5"
Weight: 30lb


  • Simple communication words. It's a real vocabulary; perhaps its own offshoot from English. But he can very clearly express his intent in single words and occasional word pair. It will be sad when he finally loses "Da" for yes though.
  • Comprehension continues to be exceptional - he can clearly demonstrate that he knows exactly what you are saying to him, and can now even use a word or two to respond. Properly motivated, he can follow quite complex instructions.
  • Electronics. Though later to develop the itch compared to his sister, Archer can now navigate and explore a variety of electronic devices.
  • Sleeping. While certainly nowhere near the worst its been, we've started to have to fight for some bedtimes (and most naps) again. He'll usually sleep like the dead when he finally gives in.
  • Sentences. Simple ones; notably the classic "more <x>" for all <x> in <tasty things>.
  • Outdoor activities - he can stay on a swing, and climb our play structure (no small feat considering his size).
  • Singing. Though all singing is "ba ba", he carries a tune impressively for a two year old.
Archer continues to work hard on developing his speech, and while he does, he struggles with the inequities of the world. Mostly, these inequities consist of "cookie pop" and their unequal distribution among the not him. [Editor's Note: "cookie pop" is not literal most of the time, but consists of a rotating selection of semi-sweet snack that cannot be predicted ahead of time].

Tambark Park

Safety First! (Seriously, completely unscripted!)

So happy in overalls.

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