Sunday, July 20, 2014

Finished Bedroom

Once, long ago, in a house far away, your Daddy transformed an office space into Elora's first nursery. When we moved to Lynnwood, we painstakingly recreated the experience in our new home, complete with antique chandelier and signature pink stripes.

Archer, when we found out that you were going to be born, your Mommy's mind went straight to work with an even bolder plan for your room.

After our move, the bedroom became a dumping ground. Mostly crafting supplies, but also spare furniture, baby gear, and whatever random boxes we couldn't be bothered to break down. It was... a little cluttered.

After great efforts, we got it cleared, except for the to-be-built crib and some furniture for working storage. Wait... isn't that the exact same Ikea shelf featured prominently when Elora's room? It SURE IS!
It took some time, but the curtains went away, a couple of coats of blue and white paint went up. And wallpaper border!

We also found a specialized chandelier and decal for the roof. Does the East and West look wrong to you? It's a strange curiosity that you'll only find when you have a compass on the roof. We spent much time puzzling this before making the switch.

THE FINAL RESULT! New window coverings, some clever rope shelves, and a day spent on the floor with an allen key.

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